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Support Secure

SSL limitations

First, SSL is designed to provide point-to-point security, which falls short for Web services because we need end-to-end security, where multiple intermediary nodes could exist between the two endpoints. In a typical Web services environment where XML-based business documents rout through multiple intermediary nodes, it proves difficult for those intermediary nodes to participate in security operations in an integrated fashion.” alt=””>

The case of the code hosting service provides a real-world example of why it’s incredibly important to maintain the security of web services. Anything accessed through the Internet—and even systems maintained, stored, and accessed on a company’s own premises—present attractive targets for cybercriminals, and these attackers won’t hesitate to attempt a hack if these services contain the information, they’re after.

Upon discovering that most of its most essential information and content had been deleted by hackers from its web service account, the company, Code Spaces, came to the conclusion that it could not keep its firm up and running. A note on the organization’s website announced the decision and stated that the firm would focus its remaining efforts on trying to assist customers in recovering any data that wasn’t erased by hackers.


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