Idea & Concept

Idea & Concept

To Create a Successful Web Service Concept is to Focus on Substance

An outstanding web service concept is clear and focuses on what’s important. Sites are often designed with functionalities in mind, without ever really clarifying the essence of the service. Here are some of the core considerations when it comes to conceptualizing a web service:

  • 1. Who is the service aimed at? Almost all web services have identifiable target audiences
  • 2. What features are important for your target audience? Users don’t need a ton of functionalities, but appreciate having the truly important ones implemented perfectly
  • 3. Have you asked your customers what they are looking for in your web service? This will help you understand what you truly need and eliminate unnecessary chaff
  • 4. How do you measure success? Once the service is complete, it’s important to understand the metrics of success


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