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MSBI — Best offering from Microsoft to solve Data queries

The MSBI stands for Microsoft Business Intelligence. This is a power packed tool offered by Microsoft which provides the best business solution for a company. In addition, data mining queries were never more effective as they can be produced the way it suits you the most with the help of this application. Being a professional course, it can be learned from MS BI institute in Tambaram.

Categories of MSBI working:

There are basically three steps of how MSBI works. The whole process that is taught by the MS BI institute in Tambaram is known as the ETL process.ETL stands for Extraction, Transformation, and Load process. Since data is received in different formats, this process makes things easy for the administrators by converting the heterogeneous data formats into one single format. The data in this separate format gets stored in a data warehouse. The transformation process is as follows:

  • In 1st phase, it extracts raw data from different sources.
  • The second phase is to convert the data into one particular format so that it can be fetched and analyzed by queries.
  • The last one is to load data in specific formats via training sessions in MS BI institute in Tambaram. Data Marts or small data warehouses can also be built for this purpose.

Understanding the whole process gets easier with training sessions in MS BI institute in Tambaram.

Tools used in MSBI
To work properly in those three processes MSBI comes up with three different tools.
  • SSIS – SQL Server Integration Services — Integration tool.
  • SSAS – SQL Server Analytical Services -Analysis tool.
  • SSRS – SQL Server Reporting Services — Reporting tool.

With these three tools, the data administrators can access up-to-date and accurate data in the needed format. Learn this powerful application from MS BI institute in Tambaram which uses MS Visual Studio and SQL Server to be a part of a better decision making in any organization.

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