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What is J2EE?

Java is a product that is found in almost most of the applications that we use in our daily life gadgets which make it one of the most familiar one. Java/J2EE Training Institute in Tambaram gives you the opportunity to learn J2EE, a Java platform from its developer, Sun Corporations. This environment is simply dedicated to building and deploy new Java-centric applications around the web. Learn the new set of services, APIs, and protocols available in Java’s J2EE edition from Java/J2EE Training Institute in Tambaram.

Functions of J2EE

Sun Corporations launched the J2EE services to design mainframe-scale application for the largest enterprises.IBM is the global partner for the initiative. Also, Java/J2EE Training Institute in Tambaram comes up with the minimal training sessions needed for learning J2EE environment. Sun itself minimized the need of learning program since it enabled automated programming capability, here.J2EE includes components like RMI, e-mail, XML, XMS and several other API features. In addition, the web services consist of Enterprise JavaBeans, connectors, Java servlets, JavaServer Pages and more. Java/J2EE Training Institute in Tambaram helps the developers to build up a portable and scalable environment to deploy new web-based apps using these means.

Components of J2EE
  • J2EE uses “Write once, use anywhere” principle to reduce the encoders’ problems.
  • The JDK (Java Developmental Kit) is available inside as the core language package.
  • As a predecessor of Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB), Common Object Request Broker Architecture (COBRA) is given so that Java can address the deploying issues interactively.
  • Java provides a security model to protect the local application as well as the web-based applications in the server.
  • Java APIs are able to enhance the consistency of the developers who do not need additional Graphical User Interface (GUI).
  • Also, you can learn how to connect with Java Database Connectivity 2.0 (JDBC) from Java/J2EE Training Institute in Tambaram.

J2EE is basically an expansion from Java’s platform edition in which XML also can be used. Learn how to perform object-relational mapping in distributed and multi-tier architecture just by contacting Java/J2EE Training Institute in Tambaram and be part of the best application developmental tool in the world.

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