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Best ETL tool in the Data Integration technology

Based in Redwood City, California, Informatica is a software company which provides us with the best ETL tools in the global market. The toolset is more than enough to setting up and maintaining enterprise-wide data warehouses. The tools include data integration services, B2B data exchange, cloud storage, data replication, data virtualization and many more as needed by the standard organizations all around the globe. Learn the vast range of products of Informatica by joining Informatica training institute in Tambaram.

Principle of Informatica

While working as one of the most used data integration tool around the globe, the general ETL (Extract, Transform, and Load) process is used. Data is first extracted from either heterogeneous or homogeneous sources. Then they are extracted to the central data warehouse in a particular data format so that they can be fetched by queries. The stored data can be loaded in required formats whenever needed. Apart from the features mentioned above Informatica training institute in Tambaram teaches you about data mappings, add-ins, connectors and templates to handle data in the easier way.

Architecture of Informatica products,the Informatica ETL product is also commonly known as the Informatica Power center and consists of these key components:

  • Data mapping aka Data transformation process for locating data easily.
  • Workflow Managers to create separate sessions while mapping.
  • Workflow monitors to monitor and executes different sessions
  • Repository Manager is much useful to the data administrators because it basically stores all the history of mapping, data sources, and targets etc.
  • In addition, Informatica training institute in Tambaram gives you a clear idea about Metadata reporter about the background data.
  • By joining Informatica training institute in Tambaram you can learn the exact functionalities of these available tools.

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