Best Shell Scripting Training institute in Chennai

Shell Scripting :

Knowledge about shell scripting is a must for any advanced Linux administrator or engineer. Satori will teach you to establish and understand scripting environments ,identify and set elemental scripting components, manipulate the execution of scripts.

This course covers a variety of topics, many of which are listed below

  • Creating and populating variables using multiple methods including command substitution and meta-character expansion
  • Manipulating the scripting logic by understanding the command structure
  • Employing arithmetic operators for computation
  • Allowing users to interact with scripts
  • Understanding basic functions and arrays for additional script design and control

Course content :

  • Introduction to Shell script
  • Echo and Read command
  • Special characters
  • Running a Shell script
  • Linux Filters
  • Shell Programming
  • Networking Tools
  • Software Tools
  • Administrative Tools

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