SAP Security Training Institute in Chennai

  • Introduction to automated testing of SAP systems
  • Set up the system landscape for eCATT
  • Set up the system landscape for eCATT
  • eCATT environment (scripts and script language)
  • Test applications (what can I test and how?)
  • Develop executable test cases
  • Version eCATT scripts
  • Migrate CATT to eCATT
  • Test Workbench overview
  • Change Diagnostics
  • Transparency and documentation of current system configuration and business processes
  • Introduction of SAP Solution Manager and SAP System Landscape Directory as configuration management and documentation tools
  • Control Dashboard to control parameter settings across the solution
  • Transparency on past and planned changes
  • IT Reporting for software and infrastructure changes
  • change Distribution
  • Focus on technical distribution of changes.
  • Usage of automation tools in order to reduce manual interaction and to guarantee process reliability
  • SAP Netweaver development environments for ABAP, EP, PI, NWDI ? Transport of Non-ABAP objects via Enhanced Change and Transport System
  • SAP best practices for transport landscape topological and release strategies
  • Change Request Management
  • Approval process including demand consolidation, prioritization, categorization and scheduling of changes
  • Introduction of Change Request Management in SAP Solution Manager
  • Demonstration of SAPs best practices in transport management which are implemented in the SAP Solution Manager
  • Maintenance Management
  • SAPs best practices for regular maintenance of SAP software (ABAP and JAVA)
  • Support Package stack strategy and side effect reporting
  • Support Package content analysis
  • Proactive implementation of SAP Notes
  • Maintenance Optimizer and Hot News Inbox in SAP Solution Manager
  • Test Management
  • Test organization with SAP Solution Manager

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Telephone: +91-44-4211 1322