How to Execute some of the Most Lucrative Final Year Project Android 2017

You might have a track record of the best academic grades throughout your engineering. However, without the right Final Year Project Android 2017, your coursework will be lacking essential ingredients to sure shot success.Android, being the technology of the future, your project will help you come to the forefront of your engineering academic success.

By following a few basic steps towards a fulfilling Final Year Project Android 2017, you can ensure that the right topic is chosen for your engineering project work and the best project is executed on the Android platform.

Choose a Topic for your Final Year Project Android 2017 that is Unique and Utility Intensive

Android is a very robust system, owing to the fact that it was an extension of the Linux system. Android is also based on Java. The two foundation platforms on which Android is based, are both flexible and robust on their own.

Therefore, the flexibility that Android offers for the developer is immense and hence, the kind of project that you can develop for your Final Year Project Android 2017 has few limitations. As long as you come up with a plan that is well thought out, you can well be the next best innovator.

There are a number of topics in the domain of Android, and with the developer community growing by the day, you will not face the least difficulty in choosing the right topic for your Final Year Project Android 2017.

While any Android subject might spur interest in your project, if the chosen topic is unique, your Final Year Project Android 2017 is bound to stand out among the numerous engineering projects. Besides, it would even prove worthwhile for both the academic and the research community if you are carrying out the required research and compiling the project for a high utility area.

Some of the traditional projects which have been developed for a number of technology bundles in the past can be developed afresh using the Android platform too. The advantage of this approach is that most of the planning and detailed design can be worked on and is ready to use. The only changes that you might have to carry out are to make use of the Android technology to develop the application all over again. A list of projects you might want to consider are indicated below:

  • Sending and receiving messages using the internet
  • Online banking systems for the mobile
  • Automated event reminder mobile system
  • Android based labor monitoring system
  • English tutoring for the mobile user
  • Image editor for use with mobile technology
  • Mobile application for ascertaining end of year taxes
  • Medicine dose reminder application
  • Location alert system based on the Global Positioning System
  • Anti virus and anti-malware application
  • Vicinity searching applications for the mobile
  • Bank account tracking application
  • Mathematical unit conversion application
  • Doctor-patient communication system for mobiles
  • Friend finder application form
  • Gaming applications for mobile users
  • Digital phonebook application system
  • Travel management application system
  • Mobile friendly download manager
  • Audio player for mobile
  • Remote access enabler application for mobile
  • Flight and train tracker application executed via the mobile
  • Food order system for the mobile
  • Call tracker and blocker application for the mobile
  • Monitoring earthquakes using a mobile system on the go
  • Managing credit card operations through a mobile system
  • Hazard management features for the enterprise
  • Group chat system
  • Personal finance system
  • Photo transfer and sharing system
  • Speech control system
  • Online mobile university system
  • Android based Enterprise Resource Planning system
  • Easy barcode generator system
  • System to execute Call operations including blocking, listening and recordingVideo streaming application
  • Data Leakage prevention system

Reiterating the Viability of a Few Ideas for your Final Year Project Android 2017

Android has become the standard in the mobile market, with more and more end users opting for Android over other mobile technologies. Hence choosing the best Final Year Project Android 2017 could pay off for your future success. Some of the most innovative Android project ideas include:

  1. Designing a download manager that can run on the Android can be a good choice for your Final Year Project Android 2017. This is true since more and more users are looking out for ways to download music and videos directly from the Internet onto their mobile devices. Owing to the high utility that such an application has attached to it, the download manager for Android could be a prudent decision for your Final Year Project Android 2017. While designing the download manager application, you have proper mechanisms in place for queuing files, thoroughly tested download manager functions, browser support and a good user interface.
  2. In order to help students and professionals get reminders about basic tasks they might have trouble keeping track of, your could choose to execute a sticky notes application for your Final Year Project Android 2017 that will help track a to do list the smart way. While acting as a reminder to make things easy, the application will ensure that your tasks get completed on time.
  3. Your Final Year Project Android 2017 could also revolve around the idea of a Global Positioning System service that runs on the Android platform. You could design your project to either ascertain weather conditions using the GPS technology or track the location of any device or vehicle or person. The position and location information is obtained with the help of a chip attached to the person or the object. Combined with a good Graphical interface and mapping service, the GPS system could prove to be one of the most worthwhile Final Year Project Android 2017.
  4. A very versatile Android project in the healthcare space is the symptom checker application. The symptoms checker Final Year Project Android 2017 could be designed to carry a database of symptoms of common diseases which users of any age can access to map a particular disease to the related symptoms they might be presently experiencing. The patients need not go to the doctor for every little compliant and can rely on this Android application to decipher the exact condition they might be suffering from. As an extension to this Final Year Project Android 2017, you could include a provision to schedule doctor consultations, online and offline and build a networking capability where the afflicted patients can find support by connecting with fellow patients in similar situations.
  5. Providing the functionality of viewing files on the memory card of an Android device can be one of the most lucrative projects. However, you must design it so it is appealing to the user since user interface design expertise and user experience matters most. The bulk of the work involved in your file system design for your Final Year Project Android 2017 is related to the alignments, dimensions of the application and a professional look and feel to the entire application.
  6. Developing a search engine based on the platform could also be a good choice for your Final Year Project Android 2017. The application could be designed to carry out searches using the mobile interface. Using a comprehensive set of design tools including flow charts, sequence diagrams, flow charts, object diagrams and ER Diagrams for the back end you could develop an effective search system for an Android mobile.
  7. A popular choice of project for your Final Year Project Android 2017 could be the college management system helping college staff on the go, easily helping maintain student information, such as their attendance, scholarship information, reports and awards conferred. A college management system deployed on the mobile could prove to be a high utility application, enabling the implementation of innovative modules in the future.

Why Your Final Year Project Android 2017 Could Prove Beneficial in Future

In the process of completing your Final Year Project Android 2017, you gain not just good grades, but also get a chance to improve on your technical and business skills.

Besides, there are number of advantages of Android as a technology of the future and your engagement in the project based on Android technology could prove highly advantageous:

  1. Android is one of those technologies which uses the open source platform. This means that you have advanced control when it comes to developing using the platform. You also have access to an invaluable developer community during your Final Year Project Android 2017, and will be able to brain storm ideas, get the latest news and alerts and keep track and a close watch on technological advancements and the most sought after sophisticated technical developments
  2. Developing on the Android means that you can take advantage of a low budget platform. Since the platform is open source, there are no development costs, and no licensing costs related to the Android platform. Even without the upfront costs involved, you can still build some of the most refined applications using the Android platform. Your applications are most sought after in the global market and are quickly adopted by the worldwide mobile community, owing to the widespread Android presence in the international market. Building a Final Year Project Android 2017 means you have the right knowledge base to build your own application later on that could fetch you millions of dollars
  3. One of the major factors driving innovation in Android is the fact that applications built using Android can be easily inter-linked and integrated across platforms. Multiple programs can be seamlessly connected with Android as the base platform. Therefore, your Final Year Project Android 2017 could become a viable code base by itself, or be connected to other Android applications for innovative projects of the future.
  4. Android has an eco system for the applications that exist on top of its framework. Once you have your Android application, alliances with wireless providers, extensions to your applications and continued module developments are fully supported. Android is also extensively used by the developer community to build extensible components. Hence if you choose to work on a Final Year Project Android 2017,you have all the ongoing support for building an affordable project.
  5. Once you have your Android up and running, getting across the Android application developed as part of your Final Year Project Android 2017 to retailers is very simple. This is true because of the availability of Android syndication, through which you can get your application to multiple retails easily.
  6. Android is very easy to learn and use and while you are most likely going to be developing your Final Year Project Android 2017 on your own or with some developers, you could later build on your base expertise to roll out innovative applications. Hiring developers who specialize on the Android platform can be affordable and with the affordable nature of the Android platform itself, you might as well take up Android development on a large scale.
  7. If you are looking at building an application with multiple features for your Final Year Project Android 2017, then the Android platform is the perfect choice. No other platform provides as much customization as Android. Using the Android platform, you can build some of the most interactive, customizable and easy to use applications during your Final Year Project Android 2017.
  8. Applications targeted for the Android platform are much more productive when compared to other mobile platforms. Customizability is tightly ingrained into the Android platform and with the market for Android expanding constantly, more than 70% of the mobile market is governed by Android. It is a widely accepted by the mobile user community and hence devices in all sizes have the Android platform running. Combined with a good reputation among the user community and the developer community, the Android platform could be the best choice for your Final Year Project Android 2017, opening up endless opportunities for your future.

The latest 2.0 Android is now available, and with the latest version accessible, your Final Year Project Android 2017 cannot get more interesting. Whether you are considering the business perspective or the technology perspective, Android is the technology tool of choice for your next generation innovative mobile application.

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