Oracle Business Intelligence- the suitable way to take business decisions What is Oracle Business Intelligence?

Business Intelligence suite is an integration of all the needed tools for a company to help the Decision Support System (DSS). Oracle Inc. comes up with such a power-packed application. It is known as the Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition.

It works as the server, which is able to fetch data with queries i.e. data mining in an efficient way. The server consists of all the data as a central architecture. Learn all the advanced business intelligence tools available in the application from Oracle Business Intelligence Institute in Online to know its sophisticated working capability.

Components of Oracle Business Intelligence

The tools in combined are also known as OBIEE, in short. Oracle Business Intelligence Institute in Online helps how to utilize the tool by querying and thereby analyzing and reporting the server. The BI suite includes Data Mining, reporting and analyzing features. In addition, the ODBC 2.0 feature is a standard software API for managing the database management facilities.

The Java database connectivity (JDBC) is also merged along with it, working as an API for Java programming language. Learn how to turn the queries into query codes by the help from Oracle Business Intelligence Institute in Online. These codes get executed in a run-time environment. The server enables you to work with an independent data sources which are submitted to the data server. The server automatically converts the data in some SQL combinations by sending them to back-end databases.

Query processing

There are effective five phases of data query in Oracle BI server which can be learned from Oracle Business Intelligence Institute in Online. The stages are, Parsing, Logical request generation, Navigation, Re-write, Code generation

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