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Stay in the loop with Hadoop

Large companies have data that are very large and complex which cannot be processed by simple applications. This data is required to be processed and show trends or patterns in reports. Hadoop is a open source software that does exactly that. It helps in distributed processing and storage of such large sets of data. It consists of a storage part and a processing part. The Hadoop framework is written in C language and Java. Satori Technologies offers specialized courses that are in demand in the industry.

Introducing Hadoop
Working with HDFS
Installation & Configuration of Hadoop
Advanced administration activities
Monitoring the Hadoop Cluster
Other Components of the Hadoop ecosystem

Hadoop in the cloud — literally

Hadoop’s usage has become so widespread that half of the top Fortune 50 listed companies use Hadoop. Hadoop is now in the cloud and accessed by numerous clients. Some of the top users are Yahoo and Facebook whose data storage has reached peta bytes. With such wide use, the need for Hadoop trained professionals is growing and Satori Technologies offers the right courses to candidates.

Hadoop — inspiring independent development

The popularity of Hadoop has given rise to many applications that are created to run on top of Hadoop. This is to customize as per the individual company’s needs. This means that there is a requirement for Hadoop trained professionals to develop applications. Satori Technologies is the right choice to get in-depth training and join the growing industry.

Fields of applications

Hadoop is used in fields where the amount of data that is collected is large, for example, analysis of marketing and logs, specialized data mining, processing of images and XML messages, text processing, archiving or storage. Satori Technologies trains students to have mastery over the applications of Hadoop in various fields.

From learner to expert — the Satori Technologies experience

Countless students have passed through the classrooms of Satori Technologies, transformed from learners to experts. This is because of the high standards of teaching, updated course material and practical training with industry related case studies in the Satori Technologies. Students are taught, guided and mentored to success by tutors who have compulsory industry experience.

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