Advanced Visual Basic Training Institute in Chennai

Course content
  • Developing the Conceptual and Logical Design and Deriving the Physical Design
  • Establishing the Development Environment.
  • Implementing Navigational Design
  • Creating Data Input Forms and Dialog Boxes
  • User Input validation
  • Processing Data Entered on a Form
  • Implementing Online User Assistance in a Distributed Application
  • Creating Data Services
  • Instantiating and Invoking a COM Component
  • Implementing Error-Handling Features in an Application
  • Creating a COM Component that Implements Business Rules or Logic
  • Creating ActiveX Controls
  • Creating an Active Document
  • Understanding the MTS Development Environment
  • Developing MTS Applications
  • Internet Programming with IIS/Web class and DHTML Applications
  • Using VB’s Debug/Watch Facilities
  • Implementing Project Groups to Support the Development and Debugging Process
  • Compiling a VB Application
  • Using the Package and Deployment Wizard to Create a Setup Program

Visual Basic is Easy to learn Programming language. With Visual Basic you can develop Windows based applications and games. Visual Basic is much easier to learn than other language (like Visual C++),and yet it’s powerful programming language. Visual Basic suits more for application developing than for Games developing. You can create sophisticated games using Visual Basic, But If you want to make a really advanced professional game like Quake 2, You may choose other language (like C++), that would be much more harder to program with. However, Visual Basic will be probably powerful enough to suit all your application and games programming needs.
Satori will let you confidently develop advanced components using Visual Basic . The student will have the knowledge to apply the fundamental concepts of Object Oriented Programming to an enterprise system using property procedures and defined custom methods. The student also will have in-depth exposure to ActiveX Data Objects and experience in accessing data stores. The student will understand the concepts behind developing an enterprise application using tiered architectures and component based models.

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